Site Update

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After much debate I finally decided it was time I make WordPress my actual website instead of having to transfer this blog to my website. Moreover, I got a domain! So now I feel much more professional (and it is easier to tell/write people; you don’t know how weird and irritating it is to tell people, well, it’s *spews five hundred words*).

Because of these updates I feel comfortable going back to finalizing a regular update schedule, as I was hesitant considering my two accounts weren’t linked and it became a hassle to go back and forth between both places. Now, I am relieved, and excited to be able to combine them both and not worry about multi-tasking when I have so many things to prioritize!

Hopefully you all approve the changes/updates as I do. Forgive any mishaps or spelling mistakes as I go through and make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Also, I might change my introduction to my website. I just felt like blank space wasn’t sitting right with me but I also don’t feel like the “greeting” is really what I desire either. Might just have my logo up there and be done. Will figure it out as I go along (and much more brooding as I simply stare at my computer)!

Beyond all of this behind-the-scenes news, I hope to be updating you guys as well on some writing, poems, and other odds-and-ends.

Until next time,

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