Temporary Hiatus Lasting Most of April

Greetings everyone,

Due to soon house-sitting/animal-sitting for a co-worker, who does not have internet at their house, I will be taking a month hiatus since it is simply easier I do this than try and juggle online time at work.  I will be finishing up a few emails, etc, before heading off to no-internet posting, etc, but I am letting everyone know this now due to its importance.

That said, I will be continuing to do traditional artwork and sketches, they will just not be posted until late April or early May.

As always, I will, at least briefly, check emails and messages at work but for the most part I will not be on the internet or social media sites nor should anyone expect me to respond to anything during this time. Anything and everything I respond to is simply because I had enough time to, not because of playing favorites, or not wishing to respond.

On a side note, I will now be working full time at work and thus will be prioritizing my social media and art time in smaller amounts, meaning commissions, art trades, and socializing will be minimalized due to longer hours at my job. I apologize if this is an inconvenience to many but I need to pay my bills, hahah.

Also, due to my full-time, I will be closing commissions for the foreseeable future until I can get more time and energy to open them once more. I will be finishing the ones in my queue but I will no longer be accepting commissions. If you would like to support me or my work feel free to buy a print or two from one of my print shops! c:

INPRINT or Redbubble


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