Note: These journal entries are taken directly from my journals/sketchbooks. Some I find compelling enough to share here online.

4:46 PM

It amazes me how trivial my writing can sound. Often I worry about what to write, that I have nothing to write, to include, even in the canon of my own head-space.

And yet.

And yet writing journal entries, I feel, can be an important step in thinking. It is the intimate process of formulating thoughts into physical embodiments of the mind. But even more-so, writing and journaling can be a way to engage one’s thoughts in solitude. It can be the beginning stepping stone to life-long learning, as well as the pursuit of always growing. For, as I was apt to say along with my professor, Andrew Hendrixson, “we are in the making.” We are not fully ourselves, not fully one until the end. But until then, we can pursue excellence, and even good thinking and writing habits by talking to ourselves everyday, in writing.

For is this not an act of love? Is not writing thoughts on a page for later consumption a way to record all that has gone before us, and will go after us? Is not practicing writing, even about the mundane, a way to gain better familiarity with ourselves, and thus, with who we might hope to become?

I say all of these things because I long to be better, to speak better, and to think better. Everything I write I write to an audience of one–that I, myself, might listen to the words I have formed in so short a time.

My mind is a vast, sometimes dangerous place. It stands to reason that capturing some of these monstrous thoughts would be be good for my own growth. Sometimes one does not become aware of the potency of their own thoughts until they are given form and substance through physicality.

Maybe this is a personal habit, a personal way of truly internalizing something, but I am sick of only talking about writing and reading, as though that will save me the trouble of actually doing the thing.

I wish to grow well, learn well, and read well. Let us hope, I say to myself, let us hope that you do not forget the power your mind truly has.

You have something to say. You have something to write–so take the time to say it and write it.

Thought should lead to action; and self-improvement is never more necessary than now, in this age filled with hollow-eyed world walkers, who, more often than not, simply wish to be right–not to think well or pursue excellence.

For your own sake, keep the written word alive, and hold it close when you believe there is nothing else worth holding.

It has been a decent period of weeks since last I was on here, and since last I updated everyone. I am currently back from my hiatus, but am still a bit slow in returning in full. This means, however, that I am back to answering messages, etc, more frequently. More over, I will be back to posting on a more regular basis again. I have determined that it is best I post new works on Friday’s or Saturday’s and to inter-mix sketches and writing throughout the beginning of the week.

Because of my full-time finding a good schedule will be a bit slow for me, but hopefully this will be a decent starting point for keeping up with my new life-style. (Getting my planner going will also help.)

But beyond all this I am excited to start posting some sketches once more and to be able to share what has been on my mind these past two weeks.

Until then, I wish you all a very fond farewell,

Greetings everyone,

Due to soon house-sitting/animal-sitting for a co-worker, who does not have internet at their house, I will be taking a month hiatus since it is simply easier I do this than try and juggle online time at work.  I will be finishing up a few emails, etc, before heading off to no-internet posting, etc, but I am letting everyone know this now due to its importance.

That said, I will be continuing to do traditional artwork and sketches, they will just not be posted until late April or early May.

As always, I will, at least briefly, check emails and messages at work but for the most part I will not be on the internet or social media sites nor should anyone expect me to respond to anything during this time. Anything and everything I respond to is simply because I had enough time to, not because of playing favorites, or not wishing to respond.

On a side note, I will now be working full time at work and thus will be prioritizing my social media and art time in smaller amounts, meaning commissions, art trades, and socializing will be minimalized due to longer hours at my job. I apologize if this is an inconvenience to many but I need to pay my bills, hahah.

Also, due to my full-time, I will be closing commissions for the foreseeable future until I can get more time and energy to open them once more. I will be finishing the ones in my queue but I will no longer be accepting commissions. If you would like to support me or my work feel free to buy a print or two from one of my print shops! c:

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