Website Promotion & Exciting News


I often try to keep self-promotion down to a minimum on here as I figure if you wish to visit the other sites I inhabit, you’d find my about page and take a gander. But either way, this is one of those few moments in life when a little self-promotion does some good.

I am officially working towards traditional work almost exclusively now to improve my skills, and because I have been finding more creative, and liberating inspiration through my traditional work, something I have often denied for fear of not ‘fitting in’ (odd, I know to say). While I am not fully leaving digital, I am not focusing on it nearly as much as traditional.

I would love to save up now for a nice camera to one, record my process, how-to’s, and other fun things, while also being able to better capture my work in a more professional light.

Now where does the self-promotion come in you ask? Well to kick this off I am linking everyone to my website which will now feature sketch work only found through this blog and the “sketch work” tab at my website almost exclusively! (Twitter will still see regular updates when things go live here or at my website.)

The reasoning for this is simple: I wish to direct traffic where I am going to focus myself most. Before, I would post my sketch work to many places such as tumblr, deviantart, etc, but now I wish to keep this to a minimum, not because I don’t like the attention my work receives, so much as I want my audience to be intrigued enough by what they do see to venture into what they have, up until now, been given almost everywhere and to which now they must take some effort to click a link to my website. (Pretty strenuous, I know.)

This is good news for you guys here at my blog! I will be setting up a regular blog time every week to update with wips, sketches, and other odds and ends to keep this place worth coming back to every week, and worthy of the transition I am embarking on.

I hope to see you all along for the journey as well!

Until next we speak, I wish everyone a very fond farewell,

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