Amidst the world you exist. Whether through the observations of those around you or in the company of the few, you have broken from the solitude into the world of busy strangers, hollow-eyed world walkers, and the occasional man full of joy. Amidst this world you no longer are safe just thinking. Each step you take brings you closer to something new and you must be observant enough to see it or you shall pass it by.

In the midst of solitude you are created. There is a special home for the mind when it is given time to be alone and think. In the dwelling of solitude there is time to ponder, to feel, and to explore what it means to be human. This is the moment before you confront the world – it is in this moment that you are about to become.


Another profile sketch. Hope to be doing more elaborate pencil drawings in the future. I’ve been asked to feature some of my work at my local library so I am working on making new stuff to fill in it!