“September 12”

—September 12, The Advisor
From the project, “Le Conseiller”

“Must I constantly be aware that I am a walking corpse bound to experience agony with each night? I do not, no,—cannot—understand myself. When I think back I assume I must have been ghastly to be turned into such a monster. Cannot even the vampires with flesh be allowed some mortal comforts? I, on the other hand, have been cast to the pits of Hell only to trudge through the sludge every night without even one mortal luxury. I get no peace in both mind and body. I am reminded again of my inhuman nature by having to constantly cast away dead skin, and slowly lose what gives man his appearance. Do not think me pitiful, however, because what a wretch I must have been—and still am—to deserve such a fate as mine.”

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