Literary Inktober

Step by step we inch closer to the end. And in the moment our feet reach the precipitous we must make a decision: to return to what was or to accept what may be.

I cannot believe that the world I live in now is the end.

So ‘forth, pilgrim, forth.. / here is but wilderness–know thy country’

From my journal today (quoted section is from my favorite poem by Chaucer, “Truth”)

Because I don’t truly want to do Inktober, but I do want to start a new practice for myself, I thought I’d mention that each day for (at least) October I will be reading a poem/series of poems each day and writing at least one of my own. I will be keeping them all in a specific journal/sketchbook for it because I mourn not reading poetry/written works much this past year.

I think this will allow me my literary motivation, instill a great habit (as I love poetry and have a million poetry books but can never justify reading them all at once for some reason) and, thus, I thought this was a great opportunity for it!

I shall be keeping track of my progress here (I might scan in the poem each day or at the very least write down what I come up with.) Some might be more like drabbles than poems, but I figure, it is fair game for me so long as I am writing and reading.

I will be copying down the poems I read each day that really strike a cord with me to, one, continue to practice of keeping track of what inspires me on any given day in my sketchbook, as well as the fact that I am a quote fiend and enjoy keeping quotes I love/want to remember in a book.

I know this will be a rewarding experience for me as someone who, as much as I am a visual lover, tend to express myself more through literature, hence why my major was via literature than art.

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