There is always something about brooding clouds that I have found elegant and somehow sorrowful, as though clouds are much like people–there is only so much one can take before all the tears are released and they come pouring back down onto the earth.

It isn’t a very good analogy, but the point still stands that drawing clouds has become a new favorite thing to do, even if half my drawings have no reason to have clouds–they tend to gain them anyways. There is elegance and haphazardness. There is softness and there is substance. Oddly enough, I feel my clouds are better fit to match my aesthetics than my people, at times, as though the figure is so big a focus, that it is hard to read anything other than figure.

Let us hope I can start to bring this type of essence into my people. And let’s hope that the fun with random cloudage doesn’t stop either. I’m having way too much fun to stop.

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