“Just a Mound of Vivid Nostalgia”

06.11.12 Just a Mound of Vivid Nostalgia

A click that echoes too much like doom,
it comes from outside my room this snapping.
If it were not so clear and bold, I would have thought it a dream.
Just a shadow to keep me from my slumber.
Yet this nightmare does not leave when the sun rises,
it does not shudder from the calling dawn.
There are no words to describe this suffocation.
I’m being smothered by the anxiety of it all.

Quit bringing back my memories.
Quit taking me to my past.
Quit pretending you know who I am,
because you’ll find I do not like to be cornered.

Digging up old poems/writings makes me long to do this again. Four years is too long; but sometimes the fear of failure is a very powerful thing.

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