Here you have come to the portfolio and blog of Carmen Harris, aka “Bonivich.”

It is always a pleasure to welcome a new face, or a well-remembered one, to my sanctuary. This website, full of my life’s blood, is not so much to “wow” you with new and experimental work, but rather, to speak to the child in all of us. The one that still fought monsters with battle-hardened armor and rode astride steeds–mighty and true. Where we believed good company was well worth the effort to find and keep, and spoke softly, and shrewdly, when magical beings were afoot.

Here I want to speak of wonder, of the corners of the world long left forgotten, but fundamental to our engagement with the true nature of things–even as our modern world loses the joy and pleasure in seeing the world as something fantastical, magical, and awe-inspiring.

But I must warn you, fair traveler, here be dragons–and peoples both foul and fair.


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